Diagnostic imaging  

State-of-the-art diagnostic imaging suite for University of Derby

17 January 2006

Brentford, UK. Radiography students at the University of Derby, England, are being taught state-of-the-art imaging techniques at the University’s new clinical skills and imaging suite. An Agfa Picture Archive and Communications System (PACS) provides the means for students to view images from an Agfa Computed Radiography (CR) system and from various scanners including an osteoporosis scanner and an ultrasound scanner.

This is an innovative way of teaching students using modern techniques and is also proving useful in terms of providing a clinical service for patients. It is also hoped that the University will be better placed to respond to potential commercial and research opportunities into Radiography, Informatics and Osteoporosis in the future.

It is extremely advantageous for students to be taught on equipment they will use once they qualify. Previously, this could only be achieved by teaching within the x-ray department of a local hospital. However, this would sometimes create a problem of space since students did not have enough room to observe and use the equipment and they would sometimes unintentionally cause an obstruction in the department, therefore hindering the workflow of radiographers with long waiting lists.

Students are able to acquire digital images, review them and distribute them using the web server. “The PACS workstation can be used to pull together different images and modify them into one composite image,” said Geoff Glover. “Students can therefore be taught how images can be manipulated as well as how new technology can influence image quality. We are delighted that the suite has enabled us to offer students a cutting edge radiography education."

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