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Non-invasive blood glucose monitoring device shows positive results in trials

18 November 2005

Boulder, Colorado, USA. Israeli start-up company Glucon announced the recent trial results of its flagship product, Aprise, a continuous, non-invasive, glucose monitoring device. The results were presented at the Fifth Annual Diabetes Technology Meeting in San Francisco, and at Medica in Dusseldorf, this week.

The device works by illuminating tissue with laser light of several selected wavelengths that can specifically detect glucose. The illuminated tissue produces ultrasound waves which are picked up by an acoustic detector placed on the skin. The acoustic analysis can remove the influence of the outer layers of the skin and produce a measure of blood volume.

"Three different protocols were employed to test Aprise. In the first protocol rapid glucose variations were induced by venous infusion of dextrose solution and insulin. In the second protocol, the glucose level was increased by drinking a glucose solution and decreased by the diabetic subject's regular medications. And in the third protocol the glucose level was raised with a regular meal and decreased again by the diabetic subject's regular medications. Thirty subjects participated in the studies. The prospective results were a Mean Absolute Relative Deviation of 19%," explained Dr. Benny Pesach.

"There are several companies in the glucose monitoring space racing to develop an accurate, non-invasive system. Data collected with Glucon's Aprise showed that the technology has surpassed that of the competition in terms of accuracy and speed. Glucon's Aprise provides a glucose measurement every three seconds. It is also light weight, compact, comfortable, impressively accurate and the most clinically advanced," said Glucon President Mr. Ron Nager.

The device is still under development and is not yet available commercially.

Glucon also announced that the Company has secured an option to license several photoacoustic technology patents, granted to a group of scientists at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston.


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