Patient-centric strategy crucial for EU Healthcare

16 November 2005

Health First Europe (HFE) outlined a series of recommendations to contribute to a debate on the challenges and the future of healthcare in the EU at the annual Open Health Forum held by the European Commission’s DG Health and Consumer Protection, on 8 November.

Annette Kennedy, President of the European Federation of Nurses Association (EFN), emphasised that: “There is an urgent need to explore the current context of professional preparedness in Europe to deliver a consistent standard of healthcare to individuals in all countries within the EU in terms of education, competence, codes of practice and clinical outcomes. There is also a real need to develop European accreditation mechanisms, based on national developments and which comply with well-established global frameworks. And there needs to be evidence of validation of standards and transparency of the process used, which is easily recognised across borders.” The EFN, an associate member of HFE, is co-organising a workshop focusing on Health Services.

Mel Read, Honorary Chair of HFE welcomed the Forum’s programme and explained: “A patient-centric strategy is the necessary basis for making healthcare decisions. To this end, and through the launch of our policy statement, we would advocate improved access to healthcare as an important EU investment through appropriate budget allocation, equitable and cross-border access for patients in the EU, and better utilisation of collective EU expertise and resources.”

HFE’s policy statement is the result of a stock-taking of the various initiatives and strategies put forward by European policy makers of late as a means of improving healthcare for EU citizens. It identifies and elaborates on common themes within the critical action areas such as the future of EU Health Strategy; improving access to services in the EU; patient mobility and related topics (e-health, patient information and safety, etc.), and better regulation linked to the Lisbon Agenda.

These themes are namely:

1. Access to better healthcare in the EU

2. Innovation of healthcare therapies and access processes

3. Continual quality improvement of EU healthcare

4. Investment in healthcare's human resources

Under the patronage of David Byrne, former European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Protection, Health First Europe is a voluntary platform of diverse healthcare stakeholders including patients, healthcare workers, academics, experts and industry. HFE aims to ensure that equitable access to modern, innovative and reliable medical technology and healthcare is regarded as a vital investment in the future of Europe.


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