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Fonar sells first Upright MRI in Switzerland

14 May 2005

Melville NY, USA. FONAR Corporation (NASDAQ-FONR) has announced the sale of the first Upright(TM) MRI to a freestanding centre in Zurich, Switzerland.

Emile C. Sutcliffe, Ph.D., Managing Director of FMRI Zentrum AG said, "We chose the FONAR Upright MRI because it is the only MRI scanner in the world that allows patients to be scanned in a multitude of weight-bearing positions, including standing, sitting, flexion, extension, rotation, and lateral bending, as well as the usual recumbent positions used in conventional 'lie-down' MRI scanning. Therefore, our patients can now be scanned in the positions of their symptoms or pain, reducing the number of inadequate treatments and ultimately helping to reduce the overall cost of patient care."

Jean Pierre J. Elsig, M.D., Medical Director of FMRI Zentrum AG said, "In addition to its medical advantages, the FONAR Upright MRI is most appealing to patients. Patient claustrophobia in an MRI is a big problem. The Upright MRI is the first MRI that is truly Open, with nothing in front of the patient except a 42" flat screen TV to allow the patient to pleasantly enjoy the scan. We are delighted to be able to accommodate our patients who need an MRI."

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