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Advanced colonography reaches milestone in Liège clinic


GE Healthcare, a unit of General Electric, announced the 1000th CT colonography (CTC) examination at the Clinique Saint-Joseph (CHC), Liège, Belgium, under the clinical expertise of Dr Danielle Hock, MD, in the Medical Imaging Department led by Dr Paul Magotteaux, MD, in less than 2 years.

This procedure, CTC, with the GE application, AdvantageCTC, allows an exclusive 360-degree dissection view of the colon as an alternative to the standard 2D or 3D reading approach. Much like reading a scroll, 360-dissection virtually un-rolls the colon so that the entire internal colon wall is displayed for the physician.

“AdvantageCTC helps physicians enter the fast lane of diagnostic colon imaging,” said Bob Beckett, Global Product Manager Diagnostic Applications for GE Healthcare. “Key words that best describe this breakthrough are ‘automation, integration, simultaneity, fast, and synchronized.' It's 2-D, 3-D, and now 360 all rolled into a primary read.”

AdvantageCTC is the only application in the world to provide three different perspectives of the internal colon at one time. In addition, AdvantageCTC displays the anatomy of the colon acquired in the supine and prone positions in multiple layouts displayed simultaneously, in a synchronized, orientated, and correlated fashion that improves workflow and diagnostic analysis.

According to a recent study by Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Göteborg Sweden, CT Colonography demonstrates higher patient compliance from those who don't want to undergo a traditional colonoscopy exam. Patients are excited about this new technology because it offers a non-invasive alternative and takes significantly less time than the colonoscopy. It does not require sedation and is a more comfortable patient experience. Achieving high patient compliance is another step towards helping to prevent colorectal cancer, the number two global cancer killer. According to the American Cancer Society, 90% of those who die from colon cancer can be saved with early detection.

AdvantageCTC has been evaluated by different sites in Europe, among these is the Clinique Saint-Joseph in Liège, Belgium.

“With the CTC, and its new capability, achieving 1000 exams represents a real milestone for our institution, allowing more and more patients to get very cost effective, reliable and early detection diagnosis” said Dr Paul Magotteaux, Head of the Medical Imaging Department.

"AdvantageCTC offers a new opportunity to play a decisive role in the assessment of colorectal cancer. The new AutoDissection feature shortens the reading time to less than 10 minutes permitting colon screening in a routine,” said Dr. Danielle Hock, MD from the Clinique Saint-Joseph in Liège, Belgium.

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