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Ultrasonix launches Sonix SP ultrasound system

9 May 2005

Burnaby, British Columbia. Ultrasonix Medical Corporation of Canada has launched the Sonix SP, a comprehensive Ultrasound solution for multidisciplinary ultrasound imaging. Suitable for a broad range of clinical applications, the Sonix SP is a complete ultrasound solution which the company claims provides a balance of performance and affordability.

The Sonix SP complements clinical settings such as OB/GYN, orthopedics, emergency medicine, radiology, and other specialty practices. With an open PC-based operating architecture, the Sonix SP is versatile and responsive. In addition, it is offered at a competitive price range,

Helen Chen M.D., a well-established physician, had an opportunity to
evaluate the grey scale and 4D image capability of Sonix SP. "In comparing Sonix SP to a well-known high-end ultrasound system, I found the Sonix image quality to be very competitive. Its exceptional image quality combined with its affordable price would make the Sonix SP a perfect ultrasound system for my private practice."

The Sonix SP is also equipped with "Q Sonix," a quick exam wizard, which walks the user through patient data entry, application presets, and probe selection. Q Sonix streamlines all system parameters for each exam type for optimal ease of use. The compact size of Sonix SP makes it portable and easy to handle. Along with 60 GB image storage space, Sonix SP features high image quality, front-load CD/DVD drive, and 2 front-load USB 2.0 drives for maximum data transfer convenience.

Ultrasonix offers linear, convex-linear, phased, and other specialty
transducers. In addition to traditional service support and remote
diagnostics, the Sonix SP is capable of software upgrade via internet.
"The ultimate goal of Sonix SP is to provide excellent image quality and
ease of use, with affordability in mind. From a unique modular design for serviceability to the ergometric console, Sonix SP exemplifies the perfect balance between performance and affordability," said Robert Thompson, VP of Global Marketing and Business Development.

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