Agfa chooses single platform for all healthcare applications

4 March 2005

Mortsel, Belgium. Agfa announced its global portfolio strategy and that it has chosen one platform as the foundation for all future software applications in healthcare. The platform will combine ORBIS and IMPAX and will enable healthcare providers to improve clinical outcomes and patient care at lower cost. ORBIS, developed by GWI, is an enterprise-wide IT platform and suite of applications which integrates all administrative and clinical data within a hospital. Combined with IMPAX, Agfa's Picture Archiving and Communication System, Agfa offers the most comprehensive suite of healthcare IT solutions within a framework which is customizable with a high level of integration.

Through organic growth and acquisitions Agfa is pioneering the international roll-out of a hospital-wide comprehensive information management system. Agfa gained this leading position in healthcare IT in Europe with the recent acquisitions of GWI, a European company prominent in the fast-growing market of healthcare information systems and the original developer of ORBIS, and Symphonie On Line, a leading vendor in France in Hospital Information Systems.

This decision allows Agfa to take the lead in Europe in implementing the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) that governments worldwide are encouraging healthcare providers to adopt. Agfa now offers the required integration and interoperability of clinical, administrative and diagnostic systems to healthcare providers of all sizes.

A focal point of Agfa's healthcare strategy is the ORBIS platform and its unique workflow and information management capabilities. ORBIS contains over 100 modules, which can be used to build and customize at the point of care, according to hospitals' growing and changing needs. This will be seamlessly integrated with the clinical depth of the workflow driven IMPAX systems.

"Healthcare facilities and medical professionals need better access to critical information and decision support tools that will allow them to continually improve patient care at lower cost. Agfa's strength lies in the combination and integration of the comprehensive approach and the clinical focus and depth," said Philippe Houssiau, President, HealthCare Business Group, Agfa.

Tangible benefits of this comprehensive approach include increased decision support systems for treatment and decreased duration of hospital stays. The strategy supports the rapid move to patient-centric management in an environment where diagnosis and procedures have to be recorded, findings and therapy results documented, instructions issued and work assigned. ORBIS blends these clinical and administrative processes into one holistic system. The system has already been successfully installed in over 600 sites in Europe. ORBIS is currently available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

"Agfa's other enterprise-wide offerings which are available outside of Germany, Austria and Switzerland will be supported to ensure that our customers achieve the value from their investments."

"Our in-depth understanding of the realities, needs and issues of the healthcare environment and its expertise in clinical workflow and the care process has materialized in a unique offering that makes Agfa the preferred partner for healthcare providers," said Mr. Houssiau.

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