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First home blood pressure monitor to detect and accurately flag irregular heart beat

3 March 2005

TAMPA, Fla., USA. Microlife USA today announced the launch of its new upper arm blood pressure monitor (model BP-3BTO-AP), the first home blood pressure monitor to detect the appearance irregular heartbeat and notify the user of the irregularity with a warning signal and special icon.

The monitor, an FDA cleared device, will be launched at the American
College of Cardiology meeting in Orlando March 6 - 9. Until now, technologies have not been able to differentiate between measurement artifacts (such as muscular movement) and the incident of irregular heartbeat.

Microlife USA is the world leader in the development and manufacturing of medical diagnostic equipment such as blood pressure monitors, digital thermometers and peak flow meters. Its patented irregular heartbeat technology is available in two different models of its blood pressure monitors. Both models (3AC1-AP & 3AC1-PC) have PC download capability and one includes Microlife's PC Link software. Several major retailers are expected to have these new monitors on their shelves in the coming weeks. Units are available immediately by calling Microlife at a special toll free number (800-905-9499) or by visiting the Microlife website at
Irregular heartbeat can indicate coronary heart disease or electrical
heart disease, which can go undetected early in their courses. Often
described as "fluttering" in the chest or a feeling that the heart is
"skipping a beat", these are signs of arrhythmia, or abnormal or irregular heartbeat.

According to the American Heart Association, millions of people have them each year, and many of them are harmless. However, some arrhythmias can be life-threatening, and early diagnosis and management are the best ways to prevent serious problems.
"This technology marks a breakthrough in blood pressure measurement," said James R. Mault, M.D., a cardiothoracic surgeon and Chief Medical Officer for Microlife USA. "With this level of technology, patients can easily monitor for an irregular heartbeat while they monitor their blood pressure and the device will store the data on the episodes automatically so that they can share them with their doctor. The doctor can intervene, if necessary, and often treat conditions early in their course, possibly preventing long term
damage to the heart."

All of Microlife's blood pressure monitors contain the same base
technology and algorithm that allows patients to measure their blood pressure at home with the same level of accuracy that hospital professionals depend on.

Microlife's upper arm units have received a "A/A" rating from independent investigators vs. the British Hypertension Society (BHS) protocol, the highest grading bestowed. The BHS grading system is recognized by American Heart Association, AAMI, American Society of Hypertension, as the gold standard by which the medical community establishes accuracy standards.

These special irregular heartbeat blood pressure monitors also contain patented Microlife's Average Mode technology (MAM) that allows patients to make up to three consecutive blood pressure measurements automatically, to insure the most accurate measurement. Most doctors routinely perform two or three consecutive blood pressure measurements on their patients, according to a recent survey of top cardiologists at the American College of Cardiology meeting.

The recently released American Heart Association Scientific statement recommends 2 or more measurements and averaging the results. "Microlife is pleased to offer this level of technology in a simple, accurate and affordable blood pressure monitor," said Dr. Mault. "There is increasing evidence that it is imperative that patients monitor their blood pressure at home in between visits to their doctor. This device will raise the bar for all blood pressure monitors and will change the standard that medical experts will recommend for their patients."
Microlife blood pressure monitors with automatic averaging of three
readings (Microlife Average Mode) are available at CVS pharmacies nationwide in a wrist or upper arm type monitor.

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Source: Microlife USA

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