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Medwave launches new blood pressure module developers kit

9 March 2005

DANVERS, Mass., USA. Medwave, Inc. (Nasdaq: MDWV) has released its new enhanced OEM module developers kit, which allows medical device manufacturers to sample the Medwave blood pressure technology in a development setting without investment in engineering resources or time. The kits will be sold only to device manufacturers registered with the US Food & Drug Administration or similar regulatory organizations. Medwave will begin to sell this solution to prospective OEM partners immediately.

Medwave developed its original MJ23 OEM module pursuant to an agreement with Nihon Kohden of Tokyo, Japan. The new module is named "Legato", which in music refers to a smooth and connected style. Legato(TM) is the next logical step in this product's evolution. Medwave will begin to sell this solution to prospective OEM partners immediately. Only registered medical device companies will be able to purchase these Legato development kits. They are not intended
for use on patients or for diagnostic evaluation.

Tim O'Malley, President and CEO of Medwave, Inc. stated: "We continue to receive tremendous inquiries from prospective customers for our OEM solutions. Many of these companies want to have the ability to purchase the module and use it without having to write user interfaces and invest their own engineering resources. With the Legato OEM developers kit, they can now purchase the product, load software from the CD-ROM which is provided in the kit, and then use the Legato module to sample the product. This should make their decision-making ability faster and easier. Legato allows the OEM
customer to use the product in a test environment without having to do any development. As the name implies, it is a smooth connected solution. We continue to place a great deal of emphasis on this portion of our business, as the interest in our technology and the solutions it provides clinically are increasing."

Source: Medwave, Inc.


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