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Study shows effectiveness of blood pressure monitor in emergency transport

9 February 2005

DANVERS, Mass, USA. Medwave, Inc. (NASDAQ: MDWV) announced today that the study Near-continuous, non-invasive blood pressure monitoring in the out of hospital setting has been published in the January-March issue of Prehospital Emergency Care. The study performed by Stephen H. Thomas M.D., MPH, Greg Winsor, RN, Peter Pang, MD, Suzanne K. Wedel, MD, and Blair Parry, BA, shows that the Vasotrac blood pressure monitor performed with a high degree of accuracy in the emergency transport setting. The Vasotrac was used in ground ambulance, helicopter and jet air transport vehicles. The study's conclusion states that "there were no signs that the tested device (the Vasotrac) accuracy or reliability were impaired by the transport vehicle setting".

Rich Niemczyk, Marketing Manager for Medwave states, "Medwave prides itself on the fact that our technology performs with the same high level of accuracy and functionality in routine monitoring applications as it does in some of the most challenging environments. We have studies showing the effectiveness of the Vasotrac on children, the morbidly obese, and now in the extremely challenging emergency transport environment. Medwave and its employees are extremely proud of the fact that these studies continually validate that our technology, regardless of the challenge, meets or exceeds the expectations of the medical community and performs at least as well as, and in most cases better than, the standards they have been using."

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