25th birthday of lithotripsy system

4 February 2005

WESSLING, Germany. 9 February 2005 marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the first successful treatment of a patient using Dornier's lithotripsy systems. This method is easy on the patient, making open surgical operations superfluous, and it has revolutionized the treatment of patients suffering from the stone. Today Dornier MedTech continues to offer innovative solutions worldwide in the fields of urology and laser medicine.

At the end of the Seventies, Dornier made use of discoveries resulting from the development of supersonic aircraft to develop the first kidney stone disintegrator. This involved high-energy sound waves being focused on stones in the kidney or ureter. The "shock wave bombardment" breaks stones down into minute fragments, which can later be naturally excreted by way of the ureter.

"We are proud of the fact that extracorporal shock wave lithotripsy has established itself as an effective means of treatment, having been used to benefit well over a million patients suffering from stones to date — a form of treatment, too, that has a minimum of side-effects," says Michael Lerch, Managing Director of Dornier MedTech Europe GmbH, with satisfaction. "Before this discovery was made, stones had to be removed by an operation under general anesthetic, and as we know, that was a hazardous business." Launched on the market in 1984, Dornier's HM3 lithotripter was regarded until just recently as "gold standard". It has been outdone, however, by the Dornier Lithotripter S II, based on a powerful electromagnetic source of shock waves.

Shock wave therapy has also been extended to orthopedic applications - for the treatment of heel spur or tennis elbow, for instance.

Dornier MedTech is continuing to build on its position of market leadership in the field of shock wave treatment.

"We are now offering compact, mobile and economical systems, and have developed from a developer and manufacturer of medical equipment to become a complete solution provider," explains Dr. Klaus Frank, Director with responsibility for New Business & Product Management.

"Dornier MedTech is constantly looking for ways to improve the quality of life of people who are sick," says Michael Lerch. "Minimizing stress to the patient, safe methods of treatment and rapid recovery are the aims we achieve with our therapeutic methods."

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