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MTB Europe offers a full range of marketing and communications services in addition to the key main portal and our regular newsletters and news feeds.

Our Marcomms Services enable medical technology companies and organisations of all sizes to communicate their message and product information to potential buyers, public and private healthcare institutions, commercial partners, academia, investors, and also the general public.

Our combination of traditional, digital and social networking services will ensure the outreach and engagement of your message to your target audience in the medical technology field.

MTB Europe offers a complete package of services to promote medtech companies, from basic writing services to social media management, round table events and online advertising — see more info >>.

Experience: We have written press releases, white papers & executive interviews for: Nuance, Siemens, Tieto, Elsevier, Intersystems, Carestream, Agfa, Ascom, Barco, Wolters Kluwer Health, Dell, EMC, Comarch, HMM, Humanscale.


Press Release Priority Order

We have introduced a new service for suppliers, PR agencies and organisations to guarantee publication of press releases. Due to the very high volume of press releases received, not all can be published, and those that are published may be edited to make them less promotional or vendor neutral.

The Press Release Priority Order ensures that for a small extra cost your message reaches our audience. It ensures your press release will be published within an agreed timeframe (usually same day or next day) and without editing.

The Press Release Priority Order costs just £39 (+ VAT in UK).

Companies and agencies can also get a discount by pre-ordering batches of priority press releases, then agree a publication date for each press release as needed.

  • Package of 5 for £180  (+ VAT)
  • package of 10 for £320  (+ VAT)


Focussed Interview

"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." Einstein.

Show to potential customers and influencers (including patients) that you understand your field well. Interviews attract a high readership and are a good way to portray your knowledge and expertise on a particular topic to a wide audience, giving a good image to your company or organisation.

Even when an interview is used to promote a new product or service, it is more reader friendly than the typical promotional press release!

The process is simple: we generate 4-6 questions and answers with you on a topic of your choice, and then prepare an article of around 800 words based on a phone interview or emailed response. Our skill is extracting the salient information and compiling the written interview to make it interesting and attractive to the reader.

The interview is published on the site and promoted through social media, RSS feed and the newsletter.

It is left permanently on the website, including a link on the home page for at least one month.

Cost is just £590 (+VAT in UK).


Menu of capabilities

  • Writing Services: press releases, articles, case studies, white papers, executive interviews. These can be published through the MTB Europe platform and also distributed to the medtech and healthcare media through our 300+ mailing list of journalists/ editors.
  • Post PR Marketing/Feedback
  • E-blasts/E-newsletters
  • PR
  • Bespoke Publishing
  • White Papers
  • Product Brochures
  • Content Creation and Distribution/Outreach/
    Take to Market
  • Seminars
  • Round Table Events
  • Event/Booth Preparation/Organising
  • Event Transcripts
  • Branding/Design/Advertising Production Service
  • E-list Rental: health IT, medtech, drug development
  • Social Media/Networking: LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, etc
  • Social Media Management (adherence to guidelines)
  • Social Media Training Days
  • Mini/Micro/Info Sites
  • Online advertising — see more info >>

Other marcomms activities on request.

Whether you require a basic Press Release written and prepared for distribution, content creation for your website or brochure, or management of your social media networks, MTB Europe Marcomms can deliver a solution for you through the MTB Europe and other media channels.

We would be delighted to discuss your objectives and marketing requirements and thus develop a sensible, cost-effective solution to produce a marketing plan at a package price delivered and executed on your behalf.

Please contact:

Harry Wood


Harry Wood

Harry has spent several decades in editorial roles. He has specialised in the medtech sector for 17 years, starting as Assistant Editor on the British Journal of Healthcare Computing in 1997, then as Managing Editor after taking it over in 2007 and then as Editor until 2012 when it was under new ownership. He launched MTB Europe in 2005 as an online magazine to cover the wide range of medical technologies that had few specialist outlets in the media, and is now one of the most experienced journalists across the broad medtech sector.
LinkedIn profile:

Sergei Sollo

Sergei has worked in senior media and marketing roles for more than 20 years. Since 2004 he has specialised in healthcare and medical media marketing and sales functions on key journals such as Nursing Times and Health Service Journal, and then into more digitally focused roles at, Touch Medical Media and bespoke client specific engagements through his consultancy Sollo Marcomms. He is well versed in utilising digital, traditional and social media channels to deliver campaigns and a well known figure on the conference circuit.
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