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Vytech is an Italian company manufacturing and distributing the innovative Cardiac Output Haemodynamic Monitor named "Mostcare", monitoring the Heart Rate, the Contractility, the Fluid Responsiveness and the Systemic Response.

MostCare is designed to monitor Cardiac Output, Stroke Volume, Cardiac Efficiency, dP/dt and other major haemodynamic parameters in continuous mini invasive way. MostCare implements the innovative P.R.A.M., Pressure Recording Analytical Method the latest evolution of PCM (Pulse Contour Methods).

The evaluation of Cardiac Output by PRAM requires neither calibration procedures, nor anthropometric data and do not refer to experimental in-vitro measurements. MostCare is the first monitor providing complete information on patient’s haemodynamic state in real beat-to-beat  time.

Primary application areas includes:  ICU, Anaesthesia, Paediatrics, Cardio Dept, Resuscitation, Surgery, Post surgical, Post MI, heart failure, etc. Vytech provide worldwide distribution, consultancy and training, after sales service, education and clinical practice and expertise.

Keywords: Cardiac Output,  Haemodynamic Monitor, Contractility, Fluid Responsiveness, Systemic Response, Cardiac Output, Stroke Volume, Cardiac Efficiency, dP/dt, ICU, Anaesthesia.