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Siemens AG, Healthcare Sector

The Siemens Healthcare Sector is one of the world’s largest suppliers to the healthcare industry. The company is a renowned medical solutions provider with core competence and innovative strength in diagnostic and therapeutic technologies as well as in knowledge engineering, including information technology and system integration.

With its laboratory diagnostics acquisitions, Siemens Healthcare is the first integrated healthcare company, bringing together imaging and lab diagnostics, therapy, and healthcare information technology solutions, supplemented by consulting and support services.

Siemens Healthcare delivers solutions across the entire continuum of care — from prevention and early detection, to diagnosis, therapy and care. Additionally, Siemens Healthcare is the global market leader in innovative hearing instruments.

The company employs more than 49,000 people worldwide and operates in 130 countries. In the fiscal year 2008 (Sept 30), Siemens Healthcare reported sales of €11.17 billion, orders of €11.78 billion, and group profit of €1.23 billion (preliminary figures).

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Diagnostic Imaging and Therapy

A fast, precise and reliable diagnosis helps to find the right therapy and avoid unnecessary medical interventions. Imaging is crucial to provide this vital information. Siemens offers the entire spectrum of imaging systems for diagnosis and interventions. By integrating imaging systems like computed tomography scanners or ultrasound devices with laboratory diagnostics, and Healthcare IT solutions, Siemens is helping to optimize clinical workflows and improve the quality (and costs) of healthcare.

Laboratory Diagnostics

Laboratory tests used in the identification of disease or other conditions provide clinicians with the vital information they need for the accurate diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of patients. Siemens offers a broad portfolio of diagnostics solutions designed to streamline workflow, enhance operational efficiency and support improved patient care. By combining imaging and laboratory diagnostics with Healthcare IT solutions, Siemens is reducing costs and supporting improved and earlier diagnosis.

IT Solutions

In healthcare, a vast amount of administrative and medical data is being collected: medical histories, x-ray and other clinical images, lab test results and much more. Healthcare IT solutions from Siemens are the link between all the information necessary for optimized diagnosis and therapy. They support the exchange of data and optimize clinical workflows. The results are: improved quality of care at reduced costs.

Flexibility in angiography with Artis zeego

The Siemens Artis zeego The world's first Siemens Artis zeego has found its home at the University Hospital of Munich's Institute for Clinical Radiology.


Computed Tomography
CT scanning in a flash

Computed tompgraphyThe SOMATOM Definition Flash CT scanner sets new standards in both image acquisition speed and radiation dose. It completes a cardiac scan in a quarter of a heartbeat, with a radiation dose of less than one mSv.


Future-oriented solution for workflow efficiency

FluroscopyA digital 2-in-1 solution for fluoroscopy and radiography substantially improves workflow and saves costs.


Magnetic Resonance
Room to breathe for MRI Patients

Magnetic resonanceTo overcome patient claustrophobia and positioning difficulties, the Clínica de Diagnóstico por Imagem in Brazil purchased a MAGNETOM Verio MRI system.


Breast cancer prevention gains momentum

Siemens MammogaphyTreatment on eight wheels: Siemens mobile screening units should help move women to seek early detection for breast cancer.


Molecular Imaging
Thinking outside the box

Siemens Molecular ImagingOffering better return on investment and workflow efficiency, Siemens unveils Molecular CT — the next evolution in hybrid imaging. Biograph mCT is the imaging crossover that will change the way hospitals think about integrated diagnostics.


Digital X-ray system

Siemens Ysio digital x-rayYsio makes life easier. The digital radiography system Ysio captivates medical professionals thanks to its versatile application possibilities. The system smoothly fits into the radiography workflow.


Surgery Systems
Better abdominal images

Siemens Surgery SystemsThe multitalented ARCADIS Avantic examines more than just hearts and kidneys — the C-arm opens up innovative opportunities for gastroenterologists.


Tackling heart disease with ultrasound

Siemens ultrasoundSiemens ultrasound systems help tackle heart disease and promote early detection for linemen in American Football.


Hospital IT
Building new structures

Siemens hospital ITAn archiving and documentation management solution increases efficiency and profitability for three regional hospitals in and around Amsterdam.


Imaging IT
Improved workflow in radiology

Siemens imaging ITThrough the implementation of syngo Suite, Jameson Health System cut the turnaround time for radiological studies in half, optimizing the radiological workflow.


Core Laboratory
Personalized metastatic breast cancer treatment

Siemens laboratory test for breast cancerFor thousands of women diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer each year, measuring Serum HER-2/neu is the only FDA-cleared method indicated for patient monitoring.



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