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OmniGuide, Inc. has developed the BeamPath CO2 laser fiber for minimally invasive microsurgical cutting and coagulation.  CO2 laser energy offers unparalleled precision and a high degree of control over penetration into soft tissue.

The surgical therapies that utilize the OmniGuide technology involve operations in and around delicate tissue structures, particularly endoscopic pituitary procedures, head and neck cancers, laryngeal lesions, airway obstructions and respiratory papillomas. 

Over twenty-thousand CO2 lasers have already been placed in operating rooms throughout the world, with most having a rigid articulating arm that provides only a ‘line-of-sight’ capability, limiting the surgeon to procedures where a ‘line-of-site’ from outside the patient’s body is possible.  The OmniGuide fiber is fitted to this existing base of CO2 laser systems, and expands the applicability of the hospital's installed CO2 lasers.  The physician now has the ability to place the OmniGuide laser fiber into the patient’s body under endoscopic (camera) guidance to treat lesions within the skull base, airway and larynx.