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Nanoclave Technologies

Nanoclave Technologies are looking for distribution partners in the EU and other selected territories. The Nanoclave Cabinet effectively decontaminates all non-invasive medical equipment and electronic devices using a clinically proven germicidal light technology.

FAST: A 60 second cycle give a 5-Log reduction in pathogen levels on all surfaces

PROVEN: Clinically effective against MRSA, C. difficile, VRE, A. baumannii, K. pneumoniae and many more

GREEN: No consumables needed. No harmful chemicals and no disposable antimicrobial wipes

SAFE: Works on sensitive equipment at room temperature and pressure with no risk of moisture ingress or human error

The Nanoclave Cabinet decontaminates:

  • patient monitors;
  • ECG machines;
  • ultrasound equipment;
  • computers and TV monitors;
  • remote controls and patient emergency call buttons;
  • and many more ...

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