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Microvisk Ltd develops medical testing devices based on Micro Electro Mechanical Sensors for the international medical market.

Microvisk’s first product, CoagMax®, will be available as a point-of-care and home use test. The device will conduct the internationally recognised Prothrombin Time or INR test by using a drop of the patient’s whole blood taken by a finger prick. The device is simple to use with a large display and buttons, and is sized to be discreet.

Microvisk uses Micro Electro Mechanical Sensors (MEMS) on a disposable strip which incorporates a small cantilever to measure viscosity. The devices can test a small volume of whole blood making the test less intrusive and effectively removing the need for a laboratory.

In addition, the strip has its own on-board memory to inform the handheld instrument of all manufacturing variables and under what conditions the strip has been kept since the day of its manufacture.

Key words: diagnostics, sensors, nanotechnology