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IVMD, Inc.

IVMD, Inc. consists of two wholly owned subsidiaries based in the UK, IVMD (UK) Ltd. and Jopejo Ltd. IVMD (UK) is in the final stage of its first groundbreaking medical device for the multi-billion dollar cardio-vascular market.

Other medical conditions being addressed by IVMD's patented technology include the diabetes market and other areas where imaging is essential. Although the Hall Effect, the basic phenomena behind much of IVMD's technology, has been known since 1897, it is only through recent developments in semi-conductor technology and computing power that scientists have been able to apply it to the measurement of the magnetic properties of bone and tissue — thereby enabling the Hall Effect to be considered in medical uses.

The Hall Effect is a principle of physics discovered by E.H. Hall that is the measurable transverse voltage that occurs when an electric current flows through a conductor in a magnetic field.

IVMD has a substantial portfolio of patents and patent applications relating to its technology. Jopejo Ltd. is also in the late stages of developing new and technically superior monitoring devices that utilize signal processing for the late-term pregnancy market.