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Intraop Medical Corporation

Intraop Medical Corporation is improving the quality of life for cancer patients through the development, manufacturing and sales of its proprietary Mobetron system.

The Mobetron is a mobile electron beam system designed for intraoperative radiation therapy (IORT) treatment of cancer, coronary/vascular restenosis and other medical applications. IORT is the direct application of radiation to a tumor while a patient is undergoing cancer surgery. Intraop Medical Corporation has revolutionized this procedure by developing the first mobile device for delivering IORT in the operating room without the necessity of adding extensive radiation shielding.

The Mobetron is easily transportable between operating rooms and/or hospitals, further increasing system usage. The system is FDA approved for sale in the United States and has received the equivalent foreign approvals; CE Mark in Europe, JIS in Japan and SDA in China. Intraop Medical Corporation is based in Santa Clara, California.