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InSightec Image Guided Treatment Ltd. is a privately held company owned by Elbit Medical Imaging (EMI), General Electric, private investors and employees.

InSightec was founded in 1999 when GE Healthcare (then GE Medical Systems) and Elbit Medical Imaging transferred their proprietary technology to the company to enable it to concentrate on developing the promising MR guided focused ultrasound surgery both companies had investigated.

Headquartered near Haifa, Israel, the company has over 100 employees and has invested more than $80 million in research, development, and clinical investigations. Its US headquarters are located in Dallas, Texas.

InSightec developed the ExAblate® 2000, which integrates Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) with focused ultrasound energy. This can replace invasive procedures and provide therapeutic alternatives to millions of patients with serious diseases.

Currently approved to treat uterine fibroids, the company is exploring the potential application of ExAblate 2000 to other diseases such as breast, liver, bone and brain cancers.