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imtmedical ag

imtmedical develops and manufactures ventilators, biomedical test equipment  and medical air compressors. The bellavista medical ventilators for home care and hospital (hospital ventilation ranging from ICU and sub acute to intermediate care) have created particular enthusiasm.

The FlowAnalyser PF-300, PF-301 VAC & PF-302 LOW are highly accurate biomedical testing devices, which bi-directionally measure flow, pressure, temperature, humidity and O2 concentrations. The FlowAnalyzer can be configured to all ventilators, anaesthesia machines and other pneumatic equipment.

The imtmedical product line also includes biomedical calibration tools for all ventilator and anesthesia machine verification with FlowLab graphical software, test equipment, vent testers, ventilator testers, the MultiGasAnalyser OR-703 anaesthesia machine tester, anaesthetic gas and CO2 sensors, SmartLung adjustable test lungs, EasyLung general purpose and standard test lungs and aeris medical air compressors (providing medical grade air, ISO 8573). Our recalibration service, EasyCal, also provides simplified FlowAnalyzer recalibration.

Keywords: medical device, medical, ventilation, biomedical, respiratory, test equipment, ventilators, compressors, calibration, test lungs

imtmedical ag
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