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Im-Able Ltd

Im-Able designs, manufactures and sells computer-based exercise systems to people affected by stroke and other brain injuries to accelerate recovery of their arm movements, balance, and cognition, assisting them to recover their independence.

The Able-X system was designed by New Zealand rehabilitative scientists and physiotherapists, and has been validated through clinical research. It is designed and priced for home use, working with a standard PC or Mac.

It is comprised of a lightweight air mouse and handle bar which work with a series of enjoyable computer exercises to improve arm movement and control. The exercises require increasing levels of dexterity and concentration. Only one functioning arm is needed to guide the less-functioning arm through the movements, making it suitable for a wide range of ages and disability.

Im-Able has offices in Europe and New Zealand.

Keywords: Stroke, Rehab, Physiotherapy, Cognitive disability, Neuro-motor, Disability, Upper-limb function.