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Gamma Medica-Ideas

Gamma Medica-Ideas (GM-I) was formed by the merger in mid 2005 of Gamma Medica, Inc., based in Northridge, CA, USA, and Ideas ASA of Oslo, Norway. GM-I designs, develops and manufactures next-generation imaging systems for both clinical and pre-clinical applications.

The company is a worldwide leader in multimodality pre-clinical imaging. GM-I was first to market with MicroSPECT(R), and its X-SPECT(R) system is the market leader in the pre-clinical SPECT category.

GM-I's X-PET(TM) system has the highest sensitivity and largest axial field of view among pre-clinical PET systems. The company's X-O(TM) system is a standalone micro-CT instrument that can perform full body scans on a wide range of test subjects in less than a minute, making it one of the fastest such systems in the industry. All three systems share a common gantry and are part of the company's FLEX(TM) platform of pre-clinical imaging systems. Any two systems can be combined in the common gantry, as can all three.

GM-I's pre-clinical imaging systems are deployed by medical researchers and drug companies that use in-vivo imaging techniques and molecular markers to dramatically speed up studies of disease progression and therapy.