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Chongqing Haifu (Haifu) Technology Co. Ltd.

Chongqing Haifu (Haifu) Technology Co. Ltd. is a manufacturer of medical devices specialized in developing therapeutic ultrasound systems based in Chongqing, PRC, and founded in 1999.

The company employs 200 people. Research and Development, Production, Sales & Marketing and the International Department are all located in house where they focus on research, manufacturing and clinical applications development.

it has its own Clinical Center for Tumor Therapy and cooperates with the Institute of Ultrasound Engineering in Medicine at Chongqing University of Medical Sciences.

After 17 years of research, Haifu has developed and produced a series of products such as the JC Extracorporeal Focused Ultrasound Tumor Therapy System or the CZF Therapeutic System for Gynaecological Diseases (Seapostar).

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