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ART Advanced Research Technologies Inc.

The SoftScan® optical breast imaging device is commercialized by ART Advanced Research Technologies in Canada and in Europe. SoftScan® uses near-infrared laser light to obtain 3D images of the breast that characterize cellular structure and tissue blood perfusion.

The technology addresses a critical need for a breast tissue analysis device that provides functional and physiological information about a lesion, including tissue perfusion, blood oxygen and water content, which enables physicians to characterize it as benign or malignant.

  • Emits no ionizing radiation, so any number of scans can be done without risk.
  • As a treatment-monitoring tool, can allow oncologists to see immediately if a course of treatment is working and then adjust or interrupt treatment. This could lead to shorter treatments, less suffering, better results and lower costs for the health care system.
  • Works even through dense breast tissue, typical of younger women.
  • High specificity allows characterization of tumours as malignant or benign.

Keywords: molecular imaging, treatment /patient monitoring, drug development, diagnostic imaging, breast cancer, breast imaging, optical imaging, time-domain imaging, non-invasive imaging, oncology


ART Advanced Research Technologies Inc.
2300 Alfred-Nobel Boulevard
Montréal (Quebec) CANADA
H4S 2A4