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Founded in 2007 by Fusion IP and based on discoveries from the University of Sheffield laboratories of Professor Simon Foster & Dr Jorge Garcia-Lara, Absynth is a private, UK biotechnology company focused on the discovery and development of products for the prevention and treatment of bacterial infections. The company’s distinctive approach uses genomics to identify highly conserved bacterial protein targets, essential for life and capable of stimulating the immune system.

The company's platform has broad potential against a range of bacterial infections. Absynth’s novel targets offer two lines of attacking infection: vaccines for prophylactic use to stimulate an immune response or antibodies for anti-infective treatments. In its vaccine programmes, the company has shown that its S. aureus antigens effectively harness the immune system and in vivo reproducibly protect against infection in the gold-standard in vivo model of infection. Absynth’s novel antigens are also found in other infectious bacteria which forms the basis of the company’s pipeline. Absynth is located in Sheffield, UK.