Case study
Ashley Comms secures pharmaceutical company document transfer with Maytech FTP services

22 July 2010


Ashley Communications provides effective medical education and communication strategies for major pharmaceutical companies globally for products both on the market and close to launch. Their work includes developing innovative educational vehicles for medical professionals and supportive materials in a variety of formats.

With security being of paramount importance to these clients and with the number of client wins on the increase, the company needed a secure depository for its clients to be able to safely access PowerPoint presentations and medical documents without the fear of information being leaked.


A review of their existing service offering identified the following areas of concern:

  • it needed to ensure the secure storage and transfer of medical documents;
  • it needed to keep customer focus on Ashley Communications' website and branding during the file transfer process; and
  • it needed to ensure that the level of service could be delivered to an increasing client base.

After reviewing other FTP (file transfer protocol) service providers online, Ashley Comms turned to Maytech to provide a safe and secure storage and data transfer system to improve management of important medical documents.

“Maytech was best suited to rise to our challenge as from the outset they proved to be flexible, taking all our concerns into consideration to provide a functional and personalised FTP solution,” stated Kevin Clarke, IT operations manager at Ashley Comms.

The solution

Maytech prioritised Ashley Comms client’s branding needs to deliver a feature called the Widget, which embeds FTP-Stream file transfer functionality into the Ashley Comms web page for clients to gain access to files. File transfers are encrypted and each client is required to enter their own unique login usernames and passwords to ensure that their documents are protected and only viewed by the medical professionals that need them.

This version of Maytech’s FTP-Stream Business is a professional FTP hosting solution providing fast file sharing using FTP software or any web browser. It has no transfer limits, worldwide coverage and an uptime average of 99.97%.

“Maytech immediately understood the importance of the documents that we handle on a daily basis. There were a few FTP services on the market, but many of them were packaged the same way. Maytech were able to take our considerations on board and provide a personalised service that suited us and our clients,” explains Clarke.

The benefits

Ashley Comms works within an industry that requires more security than most. “We know that as a medical communications company, if we can’t ensure security for our clients, it will severely affect our business,” Clarke continues.

Working with Maytech has ensured that the company has been able to provide a secure file storage portal that their clients can trust. “The feedback from our clients has been great so far. Not only are they happy with the security that we can offer, they also find the Widget a simple and speedy solution to accessing files,” explains Clarke.

“Maytech have been proactive in implementing a system that delivers for our clients. We would ask them a question and they would go away and come back immediately with suggestions of how we can improve functionality and ways to improve our service,” states Clarke.

Ashley Comms realises that as its client base grows, the company will need to be flexible in order to offer a consistent high level of service to its customers. Maytech have provided Ashley Comms with an FTP system that is flexible, scalable and can be improved upon with Maytech’s proactive approach.

Moving forward

Since the implementation of the Widget, Ashley Comms is extremely confident that Maytech will continue to be on hand to ensure that the company can offer a consistent and flexible service. “As our client base grows, we know that Maytech will always be committed to helping us improve our service, with new products and upgrades. We wouldn’t hesitate to look to them in the future, if we needed additional support,” concludes Clarke.

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