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PharmaSphere: Asia Pacific Deal Trends, 2004–2013

An in-depth analysis of the key deals that took place in the region during the last decade

Publication Date:  September 2013

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The Asia Pacific Region is increasingly seen as a potential source of revenue growth for global pharma firms. The past decade has seen the rise of the Asia Pacific region as a potentially increasing source of revenue for major pharmaceutical firms.

This interest has in turn fuelled a demand for rising presence in the region establishing the need for pharma firms to move from a rudimentary marketing presence to a full-fledged and robust subsidiary with both manufacturing and marketing imprints. The catalyst driving the initial reign of mergers, acquisitions and alliances included primarily global pharma firms seeking a domestic foothold.

That trend moved towards a period of consolidation as well as domestic firms in the target countries using acquisition as a tool to gain more sales bandwidth in niche therapy areas.

GlobalData’s PharmaSphere: Asia Pacific Deal Trends, 2004-13 offers an in-depth understanding of the key deals that took place in the region during the last decade.

The type of deals covered in the report include Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), Licensing and Collaboration & Partnerships. The report also provides understanding on the regional differences in the deal making activity to that of the global trends and key trends are outlined with insight on drivers such as regulatory policy, macro-economic and industry factors as well as market access challenges.

Case studies including the top deals in value among Mergers & Acquisition, Licensing and Collaboration & Partnerships are strategically analyzed to provide comprehensive understanding on areas such as structure and status of the deal vis a vis the overall corporate strategy.

Throughout the report, GlobalData’s analysts provide you with expert insight, expanding on each strategy and factor discussed, with the aim of providing you with the tools you need to make informed business decisions.

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(from GlobalData)


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