Prostate cancer diagnosed from tissue sample in 90 seconds

The Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems (IKTS) in Dresden has developed a device that can identify cancerous prostate tissue from a biopsy within one and a half minutes by using laser stimulated fluorescence.

Smartphone-based remote monitoring system for pregnancy-related diabetes wins prize
A system for remote monitoring of mothers with pregnancy-related diabetes using a smartphone and wireless-enabled blood glucose meter has won the Best Digital Initiative trophy in the Quality in Care Diabetes Awards. 20 Nov 2014

Combined MRI-PET imaging gives new insights to plaque formation in Alzheimer's disease
Researchers at Tübingen University have used combined PET and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to show that amyloid plaques in brain blood vessels are associated with a reduced blood flow in mice with Alzheimer’s-like disease. 18 Nov 2014

Technologies for advanced liver disease monitoring allow patients to stay at home
The D-Liver project has  developed a remote support system for patients with advanced liver disease to monitor their condition at home and save regular trips to hospital for tests and appointments with consultants. 17 Nov 2014

VascuBone project develops toolbox for personalised bone regeneration
The EC-funded VascuBone project has developed a "toolbox" that doctors can select from to regenerate bone for three types of bone defects. The tool box includes a variety of biocompatible biomaterials and cell types, FDA-approved growth factors, material modification technologies, simulation and analytical tools such as molecular-imaging-based in vivo diagnostics. (includes video) 17 Nov 2014

Iron oxide nanoparticles on the surface of a cell.Nanotechnology safety studies blasted for their bad science
A scientist at the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science (Empa), toxicologist Harald Krug, has criticised fellow scientists studying the safety of nanoparticles for their poorly prepared experiments, results that do not stand up scientifically and even for cruelty to animals.
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The OJ Bio point-of-care deviceOJ Bio develops prototype hand-held disease diagnostics lab
Newcastle company OJ Bio has successfully completed the prototype development of a portable wireless point-of-care diagnostic system that accurately and quickly identifies the presence of a range of viruses and bacteria in patient fluid samples. 7 Nov 2014

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Features and Opinions

Feature: Going native with healthcare apps: stepping back from the functionality cliff
Chris Watson, Product Manager at Exco InTouch.
The use of health apps to monitor patients' progress and to help them self-regulate their condition has been growing dramatically across the globe. With this in mind, there has been much debate of late about how to deliver public-facing healthcare apps across different operating platforms (iOS - Apple, Android or Windows8) to provide the best user experience. 31 Oct 2014

Opinion: Supplementary Protection Certificates urgently needed to compensate medical device developers for lost patent time
Dr Nicholas Jones, partner and patent attorney at Withers & Rogers. Medical device manufacturers should be compensated for the lengthy delays involved in obtaining the necessary marketing authorisation to bring new products to market. 3 Sept 2014

Opinion: In cardiology, Big Data covers the ‘whole’ patient
Jeroen Tas, CEO Healthcare Informatics Solutions and Services, Philips Healthcare
This week’s ESC Congress in Barcelona has a lot of people buzzing about the latest innovation and research in the field of cardiology. From my vantage point, I’m most excited to see how Big Data is being put to work to change the face of cardiac care. 29 Aug 2014




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